Blockchain’s technology implementation

Technoprom expert team has a many years’ practical experience on designing and implementing trusted environments, development of encryption protocols, and successfully partnership with global leaders from these segments of IT market.

Technoprom solutions is based on Blockchain technology and provide an optimization of workflows and reduction of overhead costs.

Technology features, such as “smart contacts”, help to implement decentralization, non-alterability and transparency for all company’s business lines, provide an easy scalability for applied solutions.

Examples of such solutions:

  • Trusted assets registry – provides accounting and life cycle monitoring for every asset.
  • Electronic exchange – provides a procurement optimization, distributed, trusted and open environment for all stakeholders.

Expected results of solutions implementation:

  • Prevents document alternation and errors for asset flow documentation.
  • Optimize company’s business-processes.
  • Improves asset’s transaction speed and reliability.
  • Reduces lifecycle cost of ownership for assets.
  • Extends assets lifecycle.
  • Provides new types of services for customers and market players, which comply with best global standards.
  • Creates a unified information space for all stakeholders of business processes
  • Reduces enclosed documentation amounts.
  • Improves real-time information availability.