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Digital economy

Implementation of digital technologies
Digital economy
Implementation of digital technologies
Technoprom offers complex solutions and services within the framework of the national program "Digital Economy of the Russian Federation"
Areas of work
IT infrastructure
Internet of Things
Remote work
Our competencies
We offer our clients a wide range of services for the integrated implementation of end-to-end digital technologies based on open standards and architectures (OpenStack, OpenRack, etc.) and modern methods and technologies of artificial intelligence, big data analysis, blockchain, and the Internet of Things.

Organization of remote work in your company will reduce operating costs up to 50%, as well as reliably process and store corporate information in one place.

The Technoprom company has all the necessary competencies and experience in the implementation of urban intelligent systems.
Areas of work
Digital solutions based on open architectures
Virtual Workplaces (VDI)
Digital solutions for smart and safe cities
Digital solutions based on machine learning technologies, neural networks, data analysis
Digital solutions for creating distributed trusted systems
Implementation of IoT, IIoT in industry, housing and communal services, telecom
IT infrastructure
Open architectures
Technoprom offers services for the creation of IT infrastructure based on open standards and architectures
Open Compute Project Infrastructure
The Open Compute Project (OCP) is about creating open standards and hardware architectures to build energy-efficient and cost-effective data centers. Server and storage architectures are built in accordance with the OCP Open Rack standard, covering the design requirements for filling OpenRack racks, power supply and cooling systems. The project also involves the development of standards, in particular, management standards.
Open architecture networking solutions
Open architecture networks are changing the way IT is deployed and used in a variety of businesses. The infrastructure of such networks is built on the basis of hardware platforms, the architecture of which is clear to the consumer, and allows you to choose independent software (NOS), SDN technologies, virtualization and cloud orchestration methods. Open architecture networks fully meet the requirements for core organization, monitoring and analytics, Internet exchange points.
OpenStack Cloud IaaS Solutions
Design and construction of infrastructure based on OpenStack, taking into account the requirements of the Customer (OpenStack services, data storage system for the cloud), monitoring system, specialized storage systems (Ceph, Gluster, etc.), cloud product management system, self-service portal and resource management.
OCP OpenRack servers and storage systems
Delivery of computing nodes and storage systems OpenRack
Remote work
Virtual workplaces
Technoprom offers a complex VDI solution for organizing remote work in your company
Work from any device and location
Use PCs, laptops and mobile devices to work from anywhere
Secure connection to the office
SSL encryption of all traffic from the virtual desktop to the company's server
Fast backup and recovery of all data
Резервируйте и восстанавливайте всю корпоративную информацию за считанные минуты
Protecting corporate information
All corporate information is stored and processed on a server in your office and is reliably protected by modern information security systems
Savings on IT equipment
Use low-cost thin clients, and the current IT infrastructure in the office no longer needs to be updated
Reduced operating costs by up to 50%
You no longer need to buy additional software licenses, and only one IT employee is engaged in servicing a large number of workplaces, while organizing a new workplace takes several minutes
Smart infrastructure solutions
Smart and safe city
Technoprom has broad competencies and experience in design and building "Smart City" and "Safe City" systems
Automated communication
Providing automated information interaction with the EDDS, emergency operational services, municipal services, regional executive bodies, territorial bodies of federal executive bodies, commercial organizations and the population on the territory of municipalities, with which there is an agreement on information and organizational interaction within the hardware and software complex " Safe city "
Operational dispatch control
Formation of a unified system of operational dispatch management of municipalities on the basis of EDDS, as the central control body of this system, and the emergency operational services interacting with it, city duty dispatching, operational duty, emergency rescue services and the corresponding duty services of organizations - owners of VET, OMPL located or having an area of responsibility on the territory of the relevant municipality
Coordination of actions
Providing centralized coordination of actions and control over the execution of orders by local self-government bodies of municipalities, commercial organizations with which agreements on information and organizational interaction within the framework of the "Smart City" agro-industrial complex are in force, and by the population on a set of tasks related to ensuring the safety of life of the population in the territory of municipalities
Data consolidation
Collection, processing and consolidation of data on the current situation in the territory of municipalities, received (from monitoring and control systems, terminal devices, DDS, voice and text messages from the population and organizations)
Integration of existing and ensuring the possibility of integration of promising information systems that ensure the safety of life on the territory of municipalities
Informing the population
Informing citizens about events and the results of the response of emergency and city services, forecasting the development of possible KSiP on the territory of municipalities
Message routing
Ensuring the reception and routing of messages between UDDS and DDS of municipalities
Rapid assessment, analysis and forecasting of the situation in municipalities
Decision support
Timely support of management decision-making processes for emergency prevention and elimination of crisis situations and incidents (KSiP)
Providing a network of multifunctional complexes for monitoring threats to the emergence of KSiP in municipalities
Information support
Provision of information support to relevant services to provide emergency assistance to the population in case of threats to life and health
Public safety
Raising the level of public safety by developing components for automatic recording of traffic violations and video surveillance
Artificial Intelligence
Professional competence
We use fundamental knowledge and best foreign practices in the field of artificial intelligence and data analysis for the development and implementation of applied software
Machine learning
  • Machine learning for applied problems
  • Selection and formation of attributes for classification
  • Deep learning
Neural networks
  • Neural networks for solving applied problems of data and image processing
  • Deep neural networks for image recognition and NLP
Computer vision
  • Selecting objects in images
  • Object tracking in video streams
  • Reconstruction of 3D scenes
  • Visual odometry
  • Typewritten text recognition
Signal analysis
  • Classification of multivariate time series
  • Segment analysis of spatially distributed time series
  • Spectral, coherent and causal analysis of time series
  • Time series modeling
  • Neurointerface "Brain-Computer", fMRI

Areas of development
application software
Data analysis
Development of systems for data collection and primary processing, detection of anomalies and patterns in the data, cluster analysis and visualization
Machine learning
Development of software modules based on classic models of machine learning: decision trees, Bayesian classifiers, regression models, training with reinforcements, etc.
Neural networks
Designing neural network models to solve your problems of classification, image recognition, optimization, regression and other applied data processing tasks
Computer vision
Development of software modules for computer vision systems: object detection in images, text recognition (OCR systems), face recognition, deep neural network classifiers, automatic image annotation
Predictive analytics
Development of data mining modules for predicting the behavior of an object and early warning about the development of an emergency in real time
Our competencies
The solutions offered by Technoprom based on blockchain technology allow to optimize the execution of various business processes and reduce overhead costs
Trusted asset register
Allows you to organize accounting and track the life cycle of each asset
Electronic exchange
Allows to conclude smart contracts and electronic transactions in a distributed trusted environment
Internet of Things
Our competencies
Industrial Internet of Things
Interaction of cyber-physical systems in modern mechanical engineering and high-tech assembly production
Monitoring systems
Platform solutions with a wide range of capabilities and tools for monitoring various connected devices, processing and analyzing data, integration with automated management systems of departments, enterprises, data centers

Cooperation and partnership
We are always glad to our clients!